Vanilla Extract

I was inspired to make another type of vanilla extract today while watching a show called “Unique Sweets”. A bakery on the show boasted several different house vanilla extracts that were made with different types of alcohol. I had never heard of  one made with tequila, rum or brandy. I already made a vanilla extract a few months ago with vodka, but I still had about five Madagascar vanilla beans I needed to use. Today I decided to use one of my 8 ounce Ball jars and rum for vanilla extract number two. I filled the jar with rum and then added three of the beans that I split length-wise and in half so they would fit nicely in the jar. Next, just screw the cap onto the jar, shake, label and let sit in your pantry for 6 to 8 weeks for curing. Every few days give the jar a shake to help the process along. What is so great about making your own extract is that there is no corn syrup or other fillers in it, you can replenish your stash with more alcohol and vanilla beans and it wont spoil. And the best part is that it is so much cheaper than buying the really expensive top quality extracts online or in specialty stores. Thanks for reading!

* My new vanilla extract made with rum is the one on the left. The darker one is made with vodka and is about 4 months old *


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